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About Our Retreats

Why Go on a Retreat?

Throughout the Bible, we are encouraged to be still.  Stillness opens us more deeply to God’s presence and purpose for our lives.  In stillness we can really experience God’s love for us.

However, we have become a society of doers.  Our sense of self-worth is often determined by how much we got done, how much we produce, how much we sense we contribute.  Even in the church idleness is often equated with laziness or lack of worth.  Even pastors and others in ministry leadership struggle to take time to pray and build their relationship with God.

Stepping out of our daily routines and settings (going on retreat) is an important way to allow stillness to take hold in our lives.  Taking time away from our responsibilities and technology frees our bodies, minds and spirits to rest and be with God.

What to Expect on a Seeking Stillness Retreat

Each Seeking Stillness retreat is unique.  Some retreats are silent (advertised as such), but most are just quiet. They are organized around a theme and set of activities and tools are provided to help you structure the time you spend with God.  Short talks are given throughout the retreat, but most of the time you will spend in prayer and reflection with God.  During retreats you will have a lot of freedom to spend your time in whatever way you and God desire.  You will not be expected to share the details of your time with God although staff members will be available to talk and pray with you if that would be helpful.

One-day retreats are scheduled throughout the year to provide short opportunities to learn and try out new stillness tools (deep Scripture engagement, various forms of prayer, journaling, etc.).  These retreats are held at various churches in Northeastern Ohio.

Weekend retreats are generally offered in the Spring and Fall at Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center (  The facility has been prayed in for over a hundred years, the grounds are beautiful and the atmosphere is peaceful  At the Pines you will have your own room (shared bathroom), be provided with all your meals, and have NO RESPONSIBILITY!!!!  Retreats begin Friday night and end before noon on Sunday.  Participation is limited to around 20 women.  Retreat registration generally opens two months before the retreat dates.  Scholarships are available.

The registration fee includes lodging in a private room (shared bathroom) and meals all day Saturday and Sunday morning.  Massages are available during the weekend on a first-come-first-serve basis (indicate your interest on the registration form) at an additional fee.  Registration is limited and you are not considered registered until you pay the registration fee.  You can receive a full refund (minus a small processing fee) until two weeks before the retreat.  After that refunds are only available if your spot can be filled by someone from our waiting list.  Scholarships are available.

Hear from one of our retreat attendees about her experience:


For more information about events:
Contact Michelle Gregory at 

Most of our weekend retreats are held at the Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center in Fremont, Ohio - watch this video to learn more about the facility!

“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.”

[Psalm 37:7]

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