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Seeking Stillness

“Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for Him…”

[Psalm 37:7]

All of us have busy lives and it’s often difficult to set aside time to be with God and God alone.  Seeking Stillness helps busy women spend concentrated time with God.  We sponsor retreats, lead devotional studies throughout the year, and provide tools that can help all of us deepen our relationship with God.


Upcoming Events


Women's Fall Retreat
Hidden to Seen:
Unmasking Our True Selves

Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center

April 2024

Holy Land Pilgrimage
“...time to clear my mind and emotional barriers freed me to crawl onto the Lord's lap and find rest and healing. I left renewed, hopeful and changed for the better.”
"Seeking Stillness retreats changed my life. They have given me invaluable time away with God and the tools to spend that time in His presence. I use the gifts (tools) I have received on a regular basis. My relationship with God is so much deeper and personal now.”
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